Still Need You

December 2009

A broken heart, the crying is the sound,
jump off a high cliff, hoping to soon hit the ground,
my life was like Nascar, but I could never get it right,
but with 5 laps still to go, I will push with all my might.
Because when it comes to racing for love, I am the tortoise, not the hare,
I give more than I receive, for me love is about the share,
but seeing you now, long after you did depart,
brings me down to earth, as you stare daggers through my heart.
You truly do fill me with pain, when before there was none in my life,
so now when I live in my head and think of you, all I need is the cyph,
I used to think we worked, but apparently is was more like a chore,
and just like the seasons changing, the sun does not shine anymore.
3 months have passed, and still I love your touch,
but the only extreme change, is I realize I love you too much,
for no matter how much I still need you, even though you claim we are biffs,
thank god you helped me notice, you are not that girl I fell in love with.

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