Don't Mind Me

December 2009

Pass me by, without a look or a wave,
I do not need you to pity me, when love treated me as a slave,
I would say pardon me while I burst, but those words seem so wrong,
at least something helps me breathe, and plus it is already a song.
Do not mind me, while the cold freezes the tears to my cheeks,
I am learning to live without you, since is has been months and weeks,
and do not mind me, while at my own party,
I drift off in my own mind, blowing out the candles hoping for a fantasy.
Do not mind me, if I decide to stare at you yet not see,
that the girl I truly loved, has forever ceased to be,
I was not just evicted from your heart, from your life I was shoved,
and while we were together, not once did you fix my doubt about your love.

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