Pouring On My Heart

Lately I have been all alone, like standing in the rain without cover,
you used to be the umbrella that kept me dry, now you are the wind that breaks through the warmth,
I used to want to warm you when you were cold, help you with that jacket,
I need you now more than ever, would give you my time but why would I waste it?
Who are you, I have never seen this wild side,
never knew you could hurt me so, never knew how much you have made me cry,
now you will see, because soon I will find a part of me that you do not need,
I tried to lay my roots, all I wanted was love, now all you want is out.
Was that a smile, keep it to yourself,
leave me out of your life, stop saying I need help,
and why try to fix my problem, when you know yourself it is you,
I am absolutely disgusted by you now, there is absolutely nothing left to do.

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