From the Earth to the Moon

The first day I realized you were gone, was the first time I felt like I could not breathe,
you left without warning, it felt like a trick was up your sleeve,
your feelings sure changed quick, and for that I am truly sorry,
but do not talk to me all nice, and leave me with your pity.
I have gone from first place to last, and it only took a day,
I can not help but have a feeling, that my heart you did play,
because how could I be the best, the happiest lily pad,
when the truth about the matter is, I am the only you have ever had.
I had soilid ground below me, and the grass between my toes,
now I am floating without gravity, and when I land on solid ground again who knows,
but I know my heart will suffer, without your missed kisses,
because love is just a game of cards, with way less hits then misses.
Now I will find a way to live, without you in my life,
to think I was beginning, to look at you as a wife,
the last lines are being written, the lyrical lies are sung,
and I am now starting to feel, the air back in my lungs.

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