You Know You're in Love When She is at her Worst

You can be in sweats, you ca nrun a couple miles,
you can meet me without makeup, and still look your best,
you can forget to do your hair, or just be too damn lazy,
yet still when I see your face, it will always drive me crazy,
you can cover up your face, so I do not see anything but a hand,
and never will you look awful, not even close to bland,
knowing what you look like, when you first awake,
because even though you have hurt me, I would still put it all at stake,
and I will always love you, and think your beauty true,
because I always think about you, when I have nothing to do,
you will always be in my heart, you will always finish first,
and I know that I am in love, because you are amazing at your worst.

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