Save Your Heart

Never use your heart, to drive the vehicle called love,
because you will get nothing but side swipes, and finding yourself constantly shoved,
instead save your heart, for someone who truly wants to be with you, someone who thinks of not only themselves, and thinks not of one but two.
Save your heart for someone who will not abuse, the way you are so nice to them,
you will do anything they ask you to, all they have to do is choose,
waste not the time the two of you spend, cherish every moment like it was your last,
do not argue over little things, because like me you will regret it in the end.
Save your heart for someone who does not want to be just friends, someone who does not party it up in college,
instead wait for the girl who wants to be with you, and looks foward only to the knowledge,
do not date anyone in high school, unless you do not see anything coming from it,
use this poem, as your own personal love kit.
Save your heart for when your mind, and heart are on the same page,
instead of being a nobody, so full of blame,
save your heart for the person who has emotions, not some weird hiding syndrome,
and someone who gets jealous, and her feelings,
she will occasionally use them.

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