Three Cheers to Love Lost

December 2009

You are the movement of my fingers, that continue this book to fill,
the reason I have become a shadow of my former self, my travel down during a thrill.
Yet you are not alone, love accompanies and picks up your slack,
it is why I will always answer your call, and why I will always fight to not look back.
My only regret is your face tattooed in my mind, your name to my tongue,
the fact that without you in my life, it is hard to find anything truly fun.
Your laughter causes me pain, but your smile is like a disease,
and no matter how sick it makes me, it never fails to please.
The arm rest now lays down, at the theater in the city,
and no matter who happens to join me, they could never feel as pretty.
I know that people say there are bigger fish, but it still feels so untrue,
how can I find the strength inside of myself, when I have always had you.

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