I am Still Hurting

If you only knew, how I am barely holding myself together,
I have never felt this way, I am without my lover,
it is 5:03 and I can not sleep, sheep are too lazy, so they crawl,
if I never fell for you, I would not be falling at all.
You were the happiness within me, my heat against the cold,
I was your king and you were my ace, now I have been hit and forced to fold,
you hug me and say do not cry, but how could you touch me like so,
without you in my life, my poems do not even seem to flow.
I am still feeling the vacant spot, that you once took up,
used to feel half full, now it has all been emptied from the cup,
forced to now hate my job, for it is when our lines intersect,
and I wish you flawed, so our love that we had, was not so perfect.
I am still hurting, it is so easy to see,
I played loves roulette, now I am paying the fee,
I wish I could hold you, but I fear what you might say,
and no matter how unfurnished I feel now, somehow everything will be ok.

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