Recipe for Repitition

Take a few cigarettes, a couple of lies here and there,
mix it with a beautiful girl, with long blonde hair,
got a second chance at her future, but slowly she is giving that up,
messing with every mans head, soon will be drinking liquid confidence out of a cup.

She was messed up then, thought I would never see her again,
figured that last time she ran away, was truly the end,
but abruptly she returned, and at first all was going well,
but the devil wrote her a recipe, and in her subconcious mind it dwelled.

Now she has lost me as a friend, I do not want to deal,
with the girl who lives in the past, and refuses to be real,
it is a shame I will never get, a chance to see her true self,
for how can I help someone, who refuses to be helped.

This girl knows who she is, and i hope these words she reads,
for my feelings for you fill up this pen, and makes the blue ink bleed,
and everyone has problems, that is part of reality,
and until you learn to grow up, you can grow up without me.

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