You are the one I make up words for, the one that I let get away,
you said you felt strongly for me, I wish I knew it so I did not have to say,
that if going back in time were possible, would I end up choosing you,
or go back to the one I really chose, the one who had said we were through.
You are beautiful, unique, special, sexy, or even fluffy,
when I am around you, my heart gets sick and stuffy,
and the way I feel for you now, scares me so damn much,
too nervous when I am around you, get all shaky from your touch.
It took about 3 years, for me to truly see,
that your poem makes more sense now, ever notice me,
if you were purely sugar, then I would be diabetic,
I would want more and more of you, I am still so apologetic.
No one should be played, the way that I played you,
but the feelings that I have now, are the ones that push me through,
for if I had a time machine, and truly got to choose,
I would go back about 3 years, and tell myself to choose you.

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