From a Kiss to a Wave

Went from friends to love, through push and shove, and that seems so far away,
from a kiss to a wave, from shadows to shave, and I do not know what to say.
I feel deranged, to think you have changed, but I know in my heart it is true,
I would fight through hell, to break that shell, because I would go through it again for you.
I feel so high, to think you would try, to pick me up while I am down,
I wish I knew, if it was true, if it was love I had found.
It hurts so much, I need your touch, but I can not even say your name,
through think and thin, but the latter will not begin, and I am so damn full of pain.
So make up your mind, I am so sick of tryin, to get myself over you,
no matter what you said, no matter how my heart bled, I still do not feel it is through.

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