Candle Wont Light

It flickers to a halt, it jitters as the air,
blows through the candles flame, and extinguishes it without a care,
and no matter how hard I try, no amount of matches will do,
for the next year of my life, every month will be the first without you.
Now you hold the flame, you are the only one who is my light,
even though I fight to not look at you, your beauty way too bright,
for my candles refuses to ignite, my fish refuses to bite,
hard to think I love you, when it is hard to know I was right.
I do not belong in a church, for if I did I would be the only one,
who would not flicker to life, when praying for a mother or son,
and I do not know my future, I do not know my end,
my lies continue to sink, as my truthfulness refuses to bend.
So my heart is like my candle, a connection would be the flame,
but it is hard to look at love anymore, when you played it like a game,
my radar refuses to work, I no longer hear any blip,
and I want to know what the point of love is,
when I keep getting stabbed by the tip.

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