Anthem of Goodbye

I keep holding onto what we had, knowing no matter how hard I squeeze it,
it will not come back to life, now there is nothing left of you,
I have noticed it in your eyes, while I walk through my mind,
my feet wading in the tide, of memories of the two of us,
knowing I must make that last goodbye, look to the horizon,
as the sun starts to slowly slide, all I can think to do,
is just kiss you and hold you like I used to,
sure there were seashells and sea worn glass shards on the beach,
but no matter how sharp one was, the cuts on my feet always mended,
but the only hope that fills my heart, is not that you would come back,
it is that I will get over you, I must learn to walk the shore alone,
and no matter how constricting the pain feels, I must make that last goodbye.

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