Nothing is the Same

I call out your name, hoping to hear a reply,
but I am not hearing a response, so I start to cry.
I walk around hoping, that we would end up in the same place,
but for some reason I am lost, and can not see a familiar face.
Sit down on a bench, hoping to get back feeling,
but my emotional shield has shattered, my banana peel beginning the peeling.
But just as I start to feel the darkness, and begin to lose my sight,
out far back in the distance, I see a dimming light.
I jump on my feet and think, that must be where we wil meet,
just as I start getting feeling back, I am running with my own two feet.
Now I look right in front of me, I truly can not believe what I see,
I will never be the same without you, and it looks as if you are better off without me.

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