Perfectly Flawed

I have finally awoken, I no longer dream,
I feel like i usually do, when it is less than what seemed,
the past four years, have all been a lie,
how can we stay friends, when you are never by my side.
You were too good to be true, and that is a fact,
feeling so lonely, and so incorrect,
so I will think of your flaws, when you seem to have none,
the way you are too perfect, there that is one.
The way you take advantage, in your subconscious mind,
the way you act so cruel, yet to others so damn kind,
the way you knock me out, with your unique smile,
the way I feel like a janitor, cleaning your room as if it were an aisle.
The fact of you deceiving, and cheating on me too,
helps me notice your perfection, and how my love for you is true,
no lips could ever amount, no tongue will ever feel,
like the way I always felt with you, now it seems so damn unreal.
I was able to only think of six, which is just as many Saw's,
but it is hard to jab at perfection, and uncover its flaws,
so I will wait as long as it takes, no matter what the cost,
for my love is not ending, which makes me feel like yours is lost.

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