Sing Me to Sleep

In my head is the way you smile, al lthe time,
when you are nervous, and your ability,
to make me earn this, I wish I could wake up,
and things would be the same, please sing me to sleep,
your lips are where mine will aim.
You always laughed and smiled, when I acted happy and witty,
and the way you made me feel, like I was really funny,
where did we go wrong, when did you decide you needed to leap,
your voice is the ultimate soother, so please sing me to sleep.
All my love that I could give, was all that you could take,
spending too much time arguing, now that was the mistake,
because no matter how much I complained, on your bed I was set,
as long as I had you, on your chair surfing the internet.
It was your essence, and how I was always wrapped around it,
your love kept me sane, your kisses kept me grounded,
and no matter how you feel, or what message ever gets sent,
only you can sing me to sleep, and I feel way too spent.
I figured out the story, it is one that is now hated,
you may have been molded for me, but for you I was created,
your six letters will always ring, when I ever hear your name,
no one can treat you like I can, but now you just put me to shame.

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