Sick and Tired

Okay you may feel right, may feel so god damn sure,
that I should be the bigger man, I am oh so immature,
you pass the time in your dumb life, just flipping page to page,
and constantly you stop to say, I should just act my age.
Well I am sick and tired of love, and everything it represents,
I am like a broken down old chevy, covered in so many dents,
sick and tired of girls, and how much drama they tend to produce,
sick and tired of apologies, and especially the ending truce,
I am fed up with being nice, to those who I thought were close,
now I am hitting the spoon to the cup, as I propose a toast.
I wish you all good luck, as you get out of my life,
thank God I finally noticed, that my dream girl is not my wife,
I hope you had your fun, feeding me those lies,
do not ask me back onto a phone, no matter how hard are your tries,
now I am fuming from all of you, who help me to be perspired,
I am so fed up with those of you, who make me sick and tired.

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