Something to Die For

Peel me off the road, rip me off the hook,
stare into my eyes, as I give you that death look,
like a rodent running across the road, or a fish darting left and right in the sea,
you used to make me feel whole, now I cease to be.
Second thoughts are my comfort, as all the regrets are where my head lies,
seeing that amazing smile, all I need to pass the moment is a sigh,
I promised you forever, I even gave you more,
you left me twice on the side of the road, and still I know it is something to die for.
You know me, never think before I speak,
but do you think if I would have thought before, we would have made it past a week,
I gave you too much of me, barely enough left to keep me up,
but I promise you the night you left me, I realized that enough is enough.
Sick of heartbreak, from now on I will never give in,
how can there be a tragic end, if nothing ever begins,
so leave my mind, let the door,
hit you on the way out, because you are something to die for.

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