Love Played Me Like A Fool

January 2010

What we had, I can not believe it changed,
it was usually from you to me, but now I can take the blame,
I hate that you hurt me, and filled me with so much shame,
and that you played me like skee ball, nothing but a game.
On the sunniest day, I could still feel rain,
the pain in my heart is too much, so some has gone to my brain,
this agonizing soreness is all you, you finally get all the blame,
I hope you have a good life, and in the end get nothing to gain.
You stole cupids bow and arrow, made it a fatal weapon to aim,
show me in the heart, and quickly began your claim,
it was my real life fairy tale, you were the beautiful dame,
and I was the prince, with the love from all, the fame.
You took away my weapons, and we connected into a flame,
but you blew out that fire, and my happiness you maimed,
now everytime I see you, or someone out loud says your name,
I need to take a deep breath, and somehow learn to tame.
Now I am left in the gutter, heart broken is what I became,
and the love of my life has no face, and needs to be renamed,
from Stacey to whomever, it will be a painful exchange,
I wish to sleep all my life, and for you, to always stay the same.
Need to think of you and see ugly, even though that means I am thinking insane,
it is better than the hits I take, anything but this pain,
I was thrown on the floor like you clothes, easily forgotten when you have changed,
the sad part of this whole experience is, you treat love as a game.

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