Five Personalities

he has 5 personalities

i know much too well

indignant to changing

but who can really tell?

the first is sincere

such an open mind

but i usually only see it

after a glass of cheap wine

the second is hostile

i've learned to dodge in time

need i mention that this happens

after a few more sips of wine

the third, he's got incentive

he wants to change the world

he intends to start by curing cancer

through a mere head-cold

the forth is isolated

secluded in a dark room

with pizza and jazz music handy

there's more power to him

the fifth is my favorite

when he loves and adores me

cherishes what i say

he makes pancakes and coffee

asks me if i'm okay

1/5 the time he's the man i love

and for that he fits

just like a glove

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