Picnic Table

Your memory at the picnic table

Was stolen from me

Along with the carvings

They etched with their car keys

Names in a heart

So many crossed out

Poor table never the same

Because they used it for a game

They'd hold hands

Hidden beneath oak

Talk ridiculous future plans

That turned into a joke

We went to the table to talk

With spicy, pizza lips

Promises forever

Just like those carvings

In the table

Ontop of wood shavings

I listend to carefully

Took in every word

Although sometimes i couldn't look at you

Because i felt so obsurred

So ashamed

But you never blamed

You wanted to tame me

Like some wild horse

On a beach so sandy

But then you ran away

Who's the wild horse now?

Now i blame a teacher

Never quite a preacher

Because i've never seen a mother

Leave her young, sick daughter

Attacked by a butcher

My trainer didn't help me

Now the table is so empty

And I see it every day

So i sit on it's corner

And trace the lies the lovers say

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's one of those poems that no one will understand but me

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