Not Ready

I’ve been so good at giving up

Well how do I live up to all the beauty around me

I decide to lie to keep it somewhat hidden

In hopes you’ll see me with nerves forgiving

Lets pretend everything has been working

And moments like these aren’t once in a lifetime

Cause I’ve been dying not to make this obvious

You are so silent that my ears ring with space

And the only thing I can think about is getting the hell out of this…

Place me back into your ‘what ifs’

Maybe if I keep walking I’ll somehow collapse

And you’ll be there to break my perfected fall

Because without you and gravity, I have nothing at all

This light does not exist, for it is not accounted for

My memories may be weak but I have not forgotten

Hitting all the targets you freely displayed

I’ve been running in circles just you figure out your name

With my eyes on your existence

I can honestly say I’m not ready for anything that comes my way.

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