I feel like I'm falling down

Put your ego aside,

Tell me you'll stay in town,

Don't leave me tonight,

I feel like I'm falling down.

And I just want to tell you I'm sorry,

Sorry for this back and forth bull shit,

I just want to be your only one,

And you want the same, I know it.

Don't pay attention when I don't call you back,

Don't be mad when I act cold,

Put those clothes away no need to pack,

Without you I feel so alone,

And in a room full of empty faces,

It's your face I'm searching for,

All these shallow rooms and places,

Every second without you I want you more,

I am always looking for your sound,

I am always searching for your smell,

I feel like I'm falling down,

I'm completely in love you with you, can't you tell?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what the winter does to me.

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