I see the cats foot prints in the snow,

But its your's i don't see,

Spare me your I'm sorry routine,

It's cold and it's obvious you can't see,

I said i'm fine and you believed,

What a child you really are,

Yeah that blood doesn't mean a thing to you,

Pills multiplying, but love dividing,

I should have never let you in,

Oh what a mistake to make,

I try so hard but you will win,

I try not to feel this,

But you win.

You feel nothing or so you say,

"baby i'm just looking for a good time."

I hate you already,

The snow will not cover this fever,

And falling asleep won't cover these feelings,

Remember me, while you, drown me,

That was my heart you stole,

And I can only hope i get it back in one piece,

But I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah i totally forget where i  got most of these words from.

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