It was an okay bus ride



I imagined kissing you

Pressing your body against mine

So I could feel how much you desired me

Which naturally was akin to my desire for you

So it sent shivers up and down my spine

Tightened my tummy and made it hard to breath

Gave me trapeze tingles in the least silly places to tingle

I imagined your hands along the small of my back

Slowly running along my curves of my hips

Soft as my skin beneath them stopping just at the base of my rib cage to move round behind my shoulders and firmly press me tight to the hardness of your chest

Your lips along the small of my neck

My breath parting your hair

My chin kissing your ear

Your hands sliding down my back like I was a playground and you had every intent to be a child again

Your cheek pressed to the bed of my collar bone hands cupping my bottom

Climbing me to the peak of joyful pleasure

The moisture in your breath before our lips locked for the rest of the day

Imagined you doing things no analogy could do justice to


In reality only the bus came



Author's Notes/Comments: 

okay this is from the middle of the summer I think.... and I hate it

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