There is nothing like the revelation of change



What are some words you would use to describe me?





They are just words barely visible through the blinking of tears from my eyes

And feelings forgotten in my body when your hands first left my skin

Just answers to a pointless question for a pointless course that meant everything to me once

Memories of who I use to be to you


What is your favourite quality that you appreciate about me?



I can scroll down the window and watch us pass by me like death

Everything we were

Everything we are

Everything we could have ever been

Hidden between the lines of my words and yours


If you were to relate me to an animal, what animal would I be and why?

A mother bear. You are fiercely loyal and protective. If you run into a mother bear in the woods alone, she is timid and will run, but if her cubs are there, you’d better run.


How you saw me perfectly


Despite all the illusions I had painted about myself


What would you like me to do more of?

Being yourself, letting your past go


All the stones I carried

Threw at you

The ones that shattered your walls

Bruised your ego

All the chances we never took

All the things we left unsaid


In a single moment of vulnerability

Captured by a word document and fingers which spent too much time typing

And not enough loving



My inevitable downfall

Too intense always feeling everything, diving in head strong and foolish

Loving you for who you really were



My blessed curse

Too smart to go back to believing the best after you became the worst

Wise enough to know better than ‘he can change’



My lot in life

Gifted with the ability to cut souls like skin under a scalpel

Too busy penning to the truth to help your lies heal



My best attribute

The reason I am blinking tears from my eyes in the darkness

Alone in a bed we once shared


A mother bear

Pulling your skin from her claws

Realising with every piece that comes lose

That she doesn’t love you anymore


Being myself

Knowing that you will never know how much that hurts


 Letting my past go



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was doing my first SELP interview today and they called me a bear too, so I got out my old interview to show them his answer and I was taken by this sorrow akin to mourning one's death and I wrote this

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