Things I would say to you if I knew I was dying tomorrow



I am sorry

I am sorry

I am sorry

You were enough

Still are enough

Will always be enough for me

And you can do this and did do this and do, do this

All the time

Every time

You are time unfolding itself to me

And I have never met anyone like you, never felt this way before

You are the only man I have loved who was truly worthy of my love

I’ve never just wanted something and been completely okay with whatever it looked like…however it played out

And I am, okay, with how we looked like, with how we could have looked, with how we would have looked had we had time to play out

And I was happy

Am happy

So happy

And I had never known, really, truly, emotionally known happiness before

So I am sorry that I was unable to label it thus

But I can label it now


So thank you

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