They say those who play with fire get burned. But what is the point of life if you avoid all danger? Maybe playing with fire is the only reason youre alive? Why sit there and freeze when you can move through the warmth? Maybe those who play like getting burned? To me fire is a way of life. The cuts and burns on my body remind me im alive. I am not super man. They say everyone is put on this earth for a reason. Why cant my reason be to feel pain and cause mass anarchy and hysteria through the masses? Why cant that be my purpose? Is it too uncivilized? Is it morally wrong? What are morals in this society? We live in a world where it is okay to judge people. Where it is okay to be superior to other. Where it is okay to walk over everyone to succeed in life. Where it is okay for mothers to give up kids before they are born. Where it is okay for a father to walk out on his family. Whereit is olay for a criminal to get life for dealing drugs but only 5 years for killing someone. Where it is okay for the government to call themself a democracy but do what they want and ignore the people. Where it is okay for guys to not be able to express there free side without persecution. Where it is okay to take freedom of religion away even though thats what this country was found upon. Where it is okay to be made fun of and ridiculed for being unique. There is so much wrong with the world and you ask what my problem is? I cut myslef. I burn myself. I believe in trust and love. I love to dance my problems away but im not allowed because its not manly. I cant sing because its not manly. I cant play music becaus its not manly.  I look for escapes from this world that i can hide. They make me feel alive. They make me realise i might be alright because im still human. Im still me. As long as i can feel pain i am human and im alive. They cant take that away from me. So before you scold me for what i do. Ask yourself this. Would you rather me hurt myself, or would you rather me conform to the evils of the world lose all that i am and live a life that would be worse than being dead? I would rather bleed than be dead.

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