Benchpress Me

I’ve watched you pumping, the sweat on your brow

Testing all my endurance will allow.
Your smile, your walk, your scent
All serve to disorient. 
I push hard and you nod your head,
Approval wafting across the room,
But the best of what’s left unsaid 
May be different from what you’d assume...
My goal is limber and compact
To facilitate your contact.


Your every move serves to impress me...
Now it's time for you to benchpress me.
Dream and truth can surely mix
With a sprinkle of fairy dust on my side.
One look in my bag of tricks 
Could be all that it takes for us to collide.
I see right through your indifferent disguise.
Surely you’ve noticed I’m the perfect size,
So make a move on me. What’s the danger
In being more than a handsome stranger?
Look in my eyes. Move closer. Keep still.
Stare into them. Yield to their power. 
Soon you’ll experience every thrill
When this boy is yours to devour.
You see, it’s only right that you possess me,
And you shall prove it each time you benchpress me.
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