Heartbreak Valley

The trails I followed felt enchanted,

Shrubs and saplings gilded with gold dust.
Then it seemed I took them for granted,
The glitter and dazzle gone to rust.
A trick of the light brought on my mistake.
I needed nightfall to shake me awake.
Now I need a place to spend the night.
I’ll pitch my tent among the grass,
Create a temporary campsite 
As I contemplate this impasse.
I’ll breathe the night air, lay out under the stars,
Let the quiet stillness soothe these scars. 
It’s true, I plotted the map that led me here,
But I’ll use the good in it to escape this place.
I won’t linger long enough to shed a tear,
And come tomorrow I won’t leave a single trace.
This is not the end or a grand finale.
I’ll find my way out of heartbreak valley.
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