Believe Again *

Evil in this anything as old?

Now as always it takes pleasure in our lost hope.
We watch heroes crumble and charities fold.
Some days it draws me nearer the end of my rope.
Yes, many are the places the sun can't reach
And darkness stalks with its ebony eye,
Bitter truths raining down on all that they teach
About right and wrong and the reasons why.
So much I've held dear has been wrested from me,
Held captive in a hard and mighty grip -
The travels have yielded wisdom, most surely,
But I'm worse for the wear after the trip.
Still, look at me for the tears I've cried,
Arms open in spite of it all.
Could you be the one to stem this tide,
Rise up to catch me if I fall?
I've looked at the world, and with all I've found
Too many causes for despair abound,
But I'm holding out hope that one day your kiss
Will give me a reason to have weathered this. 
Would you find your way as fast as you can?
Please, be my reason to believe again.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

* new poem for this collection

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