A Man in Love *

The paint is plopped, gently
Sloppy in its presentation.
I see my reflection
Stare back with all its creases
And feel a new sensation. 
Now I unravel each word
And see the wisdom unabiding,
All my faithful senses blurred,
Frenzy and passion overriding.
I can only smile in a moment so sweet
As I consider the man I used to know.
Though it’s been a while, once again we two meet.
Do the changes in the mirror really show?
He doesn’t answer, as one might surmise.
Aside from what’s on the page he lies in repose.
Now I read it all in constant surprise,
Mouth agape at the complications they expose.
I’d have scoffed but for these words and their arrant detail,
Variations on a man in love that tell the tale.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

* new poem for this collection

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