Don't Blame Me *

You locked your arms around me steadily
And made me believe I could trust in you.
Your strength? I accepted it readily
As waves of the ocean buffeting through.
I’d have had to be ice, had to be numb.
What else could I do? I had to succumb. 
You’ve earned my respect, shown me your power
In your wisely choosing not to use it.
My devotion continues to flower
The more I see you’d never abuse it.
My last defenses now hang by a thread.
Perhaps you’d best lead me safely to bed,
And if your body becomes my heaven to roam,
Thought of the world slowly ebbing away,
If being gently woven with you feels like home,
A new road for us both that starts today
Don’t blame me if…
Don’t blame me if I…
Don’t blame if…
Don’t blame me if I fall in love with you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

 * new poem for this collection

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