To Be Loved By You

One call or letter and he jumps from his skin

Joyfully anticipating your every word.

What heady pleasure, your arms to be held in –

I see it now, his frown upturned, his vision blurred.

Never forgetting how much he’s been blessed

Is the only way he can earn my praise

And lay all these covetous thoughts to rest –

May you both be joined the rest of your days.

What a lucky boy, to be your moon and sun,

To be anointed by your sheer devotion,

A devotion that’s clearly second to none –

There’s no need to say you’d cross any ocean.

It wasn’t for me, but my wish did come true –

What heaven it must be to be loved by you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally released May 2016 on "Titanic Heart."

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