Passionate Lover

I may not have had formal training,
But I think I know a thing or two.
If you gave me even half a chance
You'd be surprised at what I can do
To open the floodgates to intimacy.
I'll put my hands on you,
You put your hands on me.
We'll both come to see
What good love can be.
Just give me a little - 
I'll give you so much more.
If you open your mind
There's so much to find -
A world you've never known before.
Let me be the only you care for,
The only one you know.
I'll be the only who'll never go astray,
Who'll never turn away.
I'll stay true to you every night.
I'll see this through to morning light.
I'll be your passionate lover, babe,
All you've longed for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally released July 2008 on "21."

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