A cure for my pain


I have this pain

Bottled up inside of me

I tried so hard to hide it

So no one could ever see

I tried to find a

Cure for my pain

But as i find

Nothing works once again

I've cut myself a lot

Over the years

But it never seemed

To stop the pain

Or dry the tears

I thought if i did that

The pain would go away

But it never did

It just stayed

Buried deep inside

To the point where

I can't handle all the

Tears i've cried

There's only one thing

Left to do

I have to say goodbye to you

Nothing else has worked for me

This is the only cure

For my pain you see

No longer can i keep it

Bottled up inside

The pain has become so bad

That it's just to hard for me to hide

I'm going now

Never to return

For if i stayed

My heart would burn

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