Everybody lies

Poems About Lies

I guess it's true what they say, you can't trust anyone
Because no matter how much someone can mean to you
There isn't anyone that you can find in life who hasn't lied
Whether once or many times, it doesn't matter
We all do it and we are all to blame
No one is perfect but is anyone really innocent?
We are people and we find ways to have our fun
Some are sick and twisted and get what they want
And some are just trying to be happy
And it's true, we don't think ahead
We can try all we want but we can never really know
But you can't put up too many walls at once
You have to be able to trust at least someone
Because we all need that someone to get by
Honestly, who could ever really live alone?
We survive through other survivals
We take what we get and go on
But sometimes giving and caring can mean the world
So don't become a bitter soul
Don't let the lies of today affect your tomorrow
It will always be a new day
So let the rain fall now and you will soon see
That the sunshine really means more to you tomorrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the way I see things. You can't find any single person who has never lied, whether a white lie or something that could ruin your life, it happens. But you can't became somebody that shuts themselves off to the world. This is what has happened to me, I've put up a few walls from all my heartbreak I've faced from people I thought I could trust. But I know I can't shield myself entirely. I need to keep trusting because someday someone will come along and show me that there are people who truly care and who will only love you for everything you are.

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