A Love Lost And Found Again

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She knew she loved him with every breathe she took and yet she still wondered what was to come for their future. It had been such a long time since the last time they said goodbye. She held on for as long as she could even though so many told her it wasn't a smart thing to do. She didn't care what they thought because she knew what she wanted and she was never going to let her happiness go.

He was so happy to be with her every second of the day. He never wanted to let her go and he knew she felt the same way. But all along he knew that there was going to be another time that he would have to be without her, no matter whether he wanted it or not. He knew he loved her with all his heart and he would do anything for her but he still didn't know how to stay. The last kiss he gave her before he left was the one he wanted to remember forever and he promised her and himself that he would come back.

Three days later, she found out what happened. He had gotten into a horrible car accident and he hadn't made it out alive, he died on impact. She heard the news and broke down crying right then and there. She couldn't believe this was happening. It felt like someone or something had taken a dagger to her heart and left it there. She had no words to speak and nothing anyone could say to her would make it better. She knew right then and there that her everything was gone and her life was over.

Right before the accident, he remembered thinking about her over and over and that last kiss. He remembered her smile after and he couldn't help smiling himself. The thought of leaving her again killed him inside and that was when he decided he wasn't going to anymore. So he pulled off the side of the road and started to turn around. He thought about calling her and telling her he was coming home but he decided that he wanted to surprise her. He had so many thoughts going through his head that he didn't realize the semi coming towards him when he started to drive away. The semi crashed into his car just as soon as he had turned his head. The driver of the semi got out and could only reply "Oh my God, now what do I do?"

The ambulance came and knew immediately that there wasn't anything they could do. The truck driver was standing there with his hands on his head saying "I killed him, didn't I?" The ambulance took him to the hospital still knowing there was nothing they could do but they knew they had to try. They took out the paddles and tried to resurrect him. They tried this a few times and nothing happened, all they heard was a flat-line every time. They called his time of death, covered him up, and took out all his belongings to see what they could find. They found a picture of his girlfriend and her number right underneath. He had written it down so long ago, but he never had to look because he knew it by heart. The hospital called the number and they told her the terrible news. They didn't even get a chance to apologize and say they did the best they could. She had hung up.

After she got the heart-wrenching phone call, she went straight home. She didn't care about anything she was going to do because she knew it wasn't important anymore. She walked into the room that they had just been in together for the past couple days and started crying all over again. She laid down on the bed and was crying uncontrollably, She knew that there was no longer a future anymore. So many thoughts went through her head at that moment and she kept on crying. Then suddenly she stopped, she sat up and started walking towards the bathroom, she walked as though it was the only place she could go. She looked in the mirror for a few seconds and saw her tear-stained face, she knew there was nothing left to do. There was no way she could live without him. She went into the medicine cabinet and took out some sleeping pills, she thought to herself if she was going to do this she didn't want it to be painful. She took a handful of the pills and went back into the bedroom to lay on the bed.

In what seemed like only seconds, she opened her eyes and she didn't see a thing. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not. She was floating on a bed of clouds and she looked down below and she could see everything.She touched her skin and could feel nothing but air. She thought to herself Where am I, did it work? She stood up and just watched everything go by for a few seconds. Then she heard someone calling her name, it was a familiar voice that she thought she would never hear again. She turned and saw him running to her and she started running to him. She jumped into his arms and felt the warm tears roll down her face, they were no longer tears of sorrow. She looked up at him and saw he was crying too and he said "All I could think about was seeing you again, and before I knew it I couldn't breathe anymore." She said "What do you mean?" He replied "I was going to turn around and see you again and surprise you because I hate leaving you. Then all at once I got hit by a semi and I could see my body lying there. I floated up to the clouds and I heard a voice say 'Don't worry you will be with her again soon.' So I waited for you." She said awe-stricken "You were going to come back?" He said "Of course, you are my world and all I need is you. I don't care about anything else." She hugged him and felt so happy, happier than she had ever been before. She knew right then that she had done the right thing. Then she wondered Wait I killed myself, how is it that I'm here with him? That's when they both heard a voice say "I allowed you two to be together because I knew all along that you were meant to be." And that was all they needed to hear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written December 19, 2010 and the inspiration was from the song Open Up Your Eyes by Chris Daughtry. It's one of my favorite songs even though it makes me cry sometimes, because it's beautiful and it's about love and how it will be there no matter what happens. If you listen to the song you might be able to hear this story written behind the lyrics and you'll understand perfectly where this came from.

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