i should have listened to my gut sooner.

darling, your words are tearing me apart.

i could have thought about my future,

but i just stayed and listened to my heart.


delight! you see me! standing in the shadows.

waiting for this passion to die down. now, you see me!

staring into corners waiting for the monsters to become real.

the remains of you are ghastly. oh they are so dreadful!

giving me the value of something economical. 


i have had it up to here with you, sugar!

all you ever do is let me down.

i don't need your half love, lover!

without you around i have no reason to frown!


felicity sneaks up on me and i am bewildered.

finding peace of mind in this bit of stray light.

i've thought about this far too much,

how i've never heard the hill bells ringing.

no i never once heard them at all,

not with you.


there is no telling what the unborn day will bring.

so baby, now i am listening so closely.

i can tell you want to grow your wings.

i can let you go. i'll let you find someone

better suited for you. i'm so blue.

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