i want it bad

acid washed dreams

gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.
you've got me begging like a baby.
and you know i am such a lady
but this gold has got me crazy.


hazy, hazy, hazy,
under skies of purple daisies.
i'm pouting my lips like a young girl.
and i can't help how my toes curl
every time you bring that glamour around.


honey, hope you haven't forgotten
i only smell this sweet
because i'm spoiled rotten.
no one deserves so much so fast
but i found that it doesn't hurt to ask.


ever since i was little
i knew how the world worked.
manipulate and replicate
until the world is yours to take.


is it a sin to have your cake
and eat it too?
even if the party wasn't for you?
the name on the cake says "princess"
and i'll blow out the candles till i'm blue.


because i'm royalty, now.


with eyes made of diamond
and a heart of coal,
soaked in silk worth more than el sol.
i'll meet you downstairs by the bar.
when the sky's as rose tinted as your glasses
i'll help you dig up treasure in the sand by la mar.

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