tulip boy

I’m lonely and moody and looking a little wide these days.

But you should still be here.

Maybe this is my way of saying that I miss you.

Or parts of you,

like the part of you that really liked me.

And the part of you that would stay up late with me.

I won’t ever admit it these days,

but I’m still feeling the sting of what you said to me.

And sometimes I can’t take it, because you mattered to me,

as did every word you said

(mainly that you didn’t care; I felt like less than nothing)

I won’t ask to be your friend again,

I won’t say a word to you

because I know that every word I say is shit to you.

I miss you, but there is no respect left,

so I’ll carry on this way.

Until I won’t even remember your middle name,

which is

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i miss you

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