Virtual Mortality

The Rest
Oh my god I might be mortal,
No! Can't happen to me!
In the distance I spy eighty,
then the terror makes me freeze.

Children spitefully growing,
Bloody hell it goes so fast,
Slamming all the brakes on,
Still life just drags me past.

Circles within circles,
Trauma, joy and bore,
Chase the fleeting moments,
Try to wedge those closing doors


So death is just a part of life
Intellectually that's real
But more and more intruding
I so much preferred surreal


I'll tell you what muchachos
This has really got to stop
I kind of get it's got to end
But accept it?..bugger off!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another bright, but honest little ray of sunshine - best read when feeling spritely!

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