The Flame of Love.

What is it that fights your love?

Battling strong to quench the fire,

And eclipse the sun of a rising love,

stand firm to rekindle the flame.    


I spent a fortune in the land of the brave,

Crossing Oceans and great mountains,

Winning battles in the realm of the spirits,

Just to light up the candle of my love.


Seven times i was cautioned by strange voices,

Warning me that the battle for love has just began,

Destiny brought down a glass chamber  

For this lighted candle can never be quenched.


I danced round the mystery glass,

Now protecting the candle of my love,

The planet can not boast of many,

With the possession of this candle and glass.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The flame of love! 12/6/09

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