Your smile

Your laugh
Your kind heart
Are only some
Things that made you
I know I wasn't
Your blood
But you made me
Feel like I was
Not a day
I would see you
Would I ever feel
Like an outsider
You welcomed me
In your heart
You made me
Feel loved
Like I was your
You even made
Me my favorite meal
For a few of my
You even talked
Me through
My problems with
Your son
Who I was fighting with
From time to time
You would always
Show me
Another side to the story
I miss your stories
I miss your cooking
I miss your hugs
But most of all
I miss you
It's hard to believe
Your gone
Even through these
I know your
Here with me
And your family
To watch over us
And to protect us
The pain is fresh
As is the tears
But you will never
Be forgotten
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