I know you Think It


I know you dont say it
But I have a feeling you think it
I'm crazy as hell
Because I love you
Even after everything
That has happened
I still madly love you
I've told you before
I know you dont
And probably never will
Love me again
But I cant stop my heart
From loving you
Even if its breaks more
With every time you push me
I still love you
Even more than before
I know you dont feel
The same
And probably never will
But I'm done denying
My feelings
And my heart
Of what it truly wants
Even if I cant have you
Doesnt stop my heart
From beating for you
I know it will continue
To break and be in pain
In the end
I wouldn't trade it
For anything else
Because I know
I caused it upon my self
I know you will keep
Pushing me away
By telling me I deserve
No matter how much
You say it to me
Doesnt change the fact
My heart beats
For you
Even when yours doesnt
Beat for me
I know in my heart
Mine shall never stop
You can call me crazy
All you like
I dont care
I know what I want
And I know
As well it will never
But I will always love you
And want you to be happy
Because you mean the world
To me
Because I love you
So much

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