I'm done Fighting my Feeling 4 U


I'm done fighting
I'm done hiding
My feelings
For you
I have been denying
It ever since you first left
To realize that
It only made my love
For you grow even more
I know it sounds crazy
And hey
Who knows maybe
I am
But I do know
What my heart wants
And every day I
Will tell you my feelings
Even if you dont feel
Them for me
I'm done hiding
I'm done fighting
My feelings
I'm going to wear
My heart on my sleeve
For all to see
I know you dont
Love me
I'm still here
And confessing
All my love to you
Probably like an idiot
But even though
I may be just that
I dont give a damn
As long as I tell you
Everyday how much
I love you
And just how much
You truly mean to me
I'm ok with the one sided
Because my love for you
Made me realize
That no matter what
Happens between us
I still want you happy
Even if it's not with me
I will still love you
And tell you every day

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