One Sided Love Affections


I'm hurting so much
I'm the only one to blame
I love a man who doesnt love me
Nor will he ever love me
I'm the only one in love
When he loves someone else
I curse my heart so
No matter what I do
It still loves him
I feel the only way to stop
Is to either cut out my heart
Or to make it utterly stop
Its beating
I know neither of those
Are ideal options
I'm hurting so much
And I cant make it stop
No matter how hard I try
It's not working
It only makes it
Love him that much more
Why am I so crazy
For him???
When he doesnt love me
And he never will
Why does my heart
Beat for him???
These tears that streak
My face keep falling
With every beat of my
Heart beating for him
I cant stop it from
Loving him

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