Frightened to Talk

Mr. M

I want to talk to you
But I'm deathly afraid too
As it I told you the truth
About something personal
And I saw what that got me
I'm scared to say
Anything more
I know what we have
Is new and fragile
I know I messed up
Telling you the truth
As well
This is why I'm not good
I'm trying to be honest
And not hide anything from you
It just makes it worse
For me
I just wanted to be honest
And I'm the one who
Ends up getting hurt
Because of the truth
Story of my life
I know their are things you may not
Want to know
Yet I told you then anyway
Because I didnt want to hide
Anything from you
I'm the one crying
And hurting
And sick to my stomach
Because I told the truth about
My past sex life
This is why I dont
Open up to people
That's why I stay
By my self

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