The Gentleness of You

Mr. M

The gentleness of the waves
The smell of the ocean
Having you hold me close
Is like a surreal dream
That I wish to never let end
The gentle caress of your hands
Against my skin
Made this scene so much
More than
Any other relationship I have had
The sweetness you have for me
So intoxicating that
I succumb to it
I live for it
The gentleness you show
Me makes me want to
Cry of joy
For no one has ever
Been so calming,
So gentle,
Of me before
With you I can
Feel the compassion
The love that you
Have for me
And it didnt involve
Anything sexual at all
Just feeling this way
Makes me so overfilled
With joy
That I'm still feeling
Like this is just a dream
And you are the fantasy
Of that dream I never wish
To end

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