Being Wrongly Accused


How am I supposed

To breathe

With knowing you have

Wrongly accused me

Of saying something

To get you away from

Your family?

We have been together

For so long

Yet you would believe

Something untrue

With out even asking me????

I guess this shows

How much I truly ment you

For those eleven years

Where just a waste of emotions

And tears

The compassion i felt for you

The love that swelled in my heart

Now diminished

Like a flame

My heart is now replaced

With a vivid black ocean

Instead of a firery

Infurno which you always

Kept lit

My words cannot

Descibe my betrayal

My pain

My hurt

My broken heart

How could you ever think

I would hurt you???

Did you believe my words of

Love and compassion to be


Do you think I was just

Playing your heart???

Too later stab you in it???

I can tell you this

You wrongly accused me

When I have done nothing wrong!!!

My love for you which burned like a

Thousand suns

Has has been replaced by a cold

Dark ocean

You have made me realize

That being numb to feelings

Is a much better

Than feeling the pain

Of betrayal



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after my Ex came at me, because his co-worker told him I went to his apartment complex to get his parents kicked out of his apartment; because they lost theirs.

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